What’s Around

“Diamond” is the name of the port of Milos.

Safe, natural, precious.

It forms a warm embrace around the blue of the sea.

Adamas overflows with life.

It overtakes with energy.

It surprises with pluralism.

It invigorates in its deep blue waters, it cures in its Hot Springs..

It offers shade at its tree-lined beaches.

The “Diamond of Milos” unfolds to its enchanted visitors its
cosmopolitan character and its grandeur of hospitality.

It offers everything, it appeals to everyone.

Food for people in a hurry but also for those who enjoy their time.

A relaxed drink with a view of the illuminated port but also
an impressive cocktail with an intense soundtrack.

Luxurious accommodation in modern lodgings,
but also family hospitality in traditional inns.

In Adamas your day starts and ends.

Here, your trip begins and finishes.

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